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Safety Vision represents the leading edge of mobile video innovation.  The proven performance of our cameras and recorders are combined with revolutionary software and communications technology to create solutions that meet the demanding needs of fleet administrators and vehicle operators worldwide.  Your safety and security needs require the progressive foresight that only Safety Vision can provide.

Safety Vision recognizes the ultimate component of a comprehensive video system is the flexibility to meet and exceed all your needs. By leveraging the extensive skill and technical expertise of our team members, we pride ourselves in delivering premium service. We pledge to support you every step of the way from creating a custom tailored solution, professional installation and training, to after delivery support. Here at Safety Vision, we are committed and dedicated to our customers.

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  • "What started as 15 different systems none of which were understood or supported has become one system that provides us compromised audio and video perfection. No more grainy pictures or lost data streams for us. Now we have better data transmission and recording in all lighting conditions or no lighting conditions than any of the major news networks."

    Paul Gossard, Fleet Director of The Geo Group

  • "We’re celebrating 25 years as the market leader, bringing the latest technology to provide you with the greatest benefits. My incredible team of executives, engineers, and technicians are ready to listen to your needs, custom tailor a solution, have it professionally installed, and support it 24/7. I believe a strong relationship with you, our customer, is essential to getting the most out of our solutions."

    Bruce Smith, CEO of Safety Vision

    25 years of knowledge and experience you can depend on

  • "I wanted to let you know how satisfied we are with the equipment we purchased from Safety Vision. I am also very pleased with the installation performed by your technician. It was obvious to me that he knew exactly what he was doing and went out of his way to make sure that everything I asked for was completed. In addition, his assistants were also very helpful."

    Roy Gomperts

    Fleet Maintenance Supervisor, Carroll ISD

  • "We chose Safety Vision for a number of reasons. They had a lot of features in their system. It was very easy to view the video, very easy to save video, it was easy to mask other kids out if you were showing parents that video footage. The quality, reliability, and features of the Safety Vision system have definitely exceeded our expectations."

    Josh Rice

    Director of Transportation, New Caney ISD

  • "It didn't take long for us to have a "save" with one of our body worn cameras. One day a woman made a false complaint against one of our officers - she said he was cussing at her. After taking a look at the video we saw that just the opposite was true. That vindication saved us money, and it only took one save to make the purchase worthwhile. Body cameras ultimately keep everyone in line, on both sides."

    Russell Smith

    Major, Chatham County Sheriff's Department

  • "On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express our appreciation for your generous donation of the seventh onboard video camera. Your donation completed our quest for cameras in all of our emergency vehicles. Your generosity is greatly appreciated by all of the CRS organization. With your contribution, we will be able to support our career and volunteer membership by providing a more secure work environment; this, in turn, will enable them to perform their life saving services in our community."

    Mrs. Lynn Brumbelow

    President, Board of Directors of Community Rescue Service, Inc.

  • "Each of our trucks now has 4-5 cameras. After Safety Vision cameras and DVRs were installed, two things happened. First, false reports of unprofessionalism by customers decreased and second, false assertions of vehiclular damage resulting from the tow decreased. If we must pull video, about 80% of the time our company driver was not at fault."

    Rick Rubak

    Owner, Rick's Automotive, Inc.

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Our installers perform custom installations, ensuring you get 100% out of your system.


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