Genetec's Security Center gives users the option to grant specific guest users live-access into the surveillance system. If chosen to do so, allowing system access can help law enforcement, first responders, firefighters, schools, mass transit, and other approved guest users work together to find the most effective and efficient citywide solution in real time. Utilizing third-party access also eliminates a transit agency or school transportation department's responsibility to deploy their own labor resources and finances when working with law enforcement. This type of solution works seamlessly with a smart-city environment, where all fixed and mobile video can be viewed from a single platform. Video that used to take hours, or days to track down and review can now be examined in minutes. Unifying security cameras throughout a city provides limitless coverage and quicker solutions, becoming the smarter long-term solution for agencies worldwide.

Key Features and Benefits

  • GPS Tracking
  • Onboard monitoring with Live-Lookin
  • Live system health reports
  • Geofences
  • Real-time email alerts
  • Flag events with panic button for easy retrieval

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