New Year, New Technology

We just celebrated our 25 year milestone, and now we are looking forward to the future with the latest innovations that will enhance the already cutting edge Observer™ series of Hybrid Video Recorders. 

New this year are revamped enclosures featuring Safety Vision’s blazing red color scheme. But more importantly, Safety Vision's best-selling, reliable Observer series of Hybrid Video Recorders are now enhanced with Analog High Definition (AHD) technology.

AHD allows for HD quality video and images using standard analog coax cables, delivering greater resolutions at a lower cost.

For a more modern network solution, Safety Vision has also released a new addition to the Observer line...the Observer 4116 Network Video Recorder. This is the first of the Observer recorders to go completely IP based, offering the ultimate in image quality and superior digital zoom capabilities.

As the success of 2017 fades away, Safety Vision is happy to welcome 2018 with its continuing strong growth for the future and achieve even more remarkable milestones in the mobile video surveillance industry.

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