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Safety Vision, LLC is among the most recognized vendors of mobile video surveillance products in North America. A pioneer in the mobile surveillance industry, Safety Vision has been in business for over 25 years with the goal of enhancing vehicular safety through the employment of comprehensive video surveillance solutions.


Safety Vision designs and supplies products that help improve visibility to protect assets, reduce liability, maximize operational efficiency and, most importantly, enhance safety. Apart from Safety Vision’s core products - rugged hardware and intuitive software - the company has made it a point to respond to its customers’ needs. In accordance with the demands of the marketplace, Safety Vision continues to incorporate innovative features such as wireless downloading, real-time remote viewing, GPS mapping, uninterrupted power supplies, and hybrid recording technology to further enhance its safety package. In addition, many customers look to us for customized solutions that integrate these and other mobile systems and technologies. 

“Safety Vision started when the mobile video camera business was in its infancy. We’ve matured with the industry and today offer the most technologically advanced yet user friendly fleet vehicle camera systems available. Since 1993, we’ve been helping businesses like yours save money and lives. Business doesn’t get more important than that.”

Bruce Smith, President and CEO

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Our Mission

To deliver superior and innovative mobile surveillance solutions that vehicle fleets depend on, provide lasting value that benefits the customer, and instill pride in the Visionaries that service them.

Our Vision

To become the premier vendor in the mobile surveillance industry, by bringing technological innovation, value, and safety to vehicle fleets world-wide.

Five Key Industries

Safety Vision caters to five key industries – trucks (on and off highway), law enforcement, mass transit, pupil transportation, and first responders. Customers range from the public to the private sectors and the purposes of products range from increasing public safety to decreasing private liability. Since its inception, Safety Vision has sold over a billion dollars of mobile safety products. Those products have been used by agencies, companies, and organizations to provide elements of mobile safety, which in turn save them time, resources, and money.

Location and Personnel

Safety Vision is headquartered in Houston, Texas where its wholly-owned 40,000 sq. foot building resides. Our  knowledgeable sales, marketing, client support, and administrative teams maintain close customer contact while the product development, service, and warehouse teams maintain operations. An on-site, four-tier 35,000 sq. foot warehouse stores over twelve million dollars of inventory. Safety Vision has 100+ employees. Satellite offices are strategically positioned in California, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, New York, North Carolina and Oregon to better serve our North American customers. As well, installation technicians are located throughout the United States as Safety Vision provides nationwide installation and service. In 2017, we annouced that we expanded our products and services to Latin America. Safety Vision Mexico will become the newest subsidiary of Safety Vision Latin America, SRL, already providing recording systems and collision avoidance cameras to fleets in Panama, Nicaragua and other territories. Read the article here.

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