First Responder & EMS Solutions

Guiding the heroes that rescue and save lives to safety with Mobile Video Technology.

Safety Vision's heavy-duty cameras provide strong and reliable durability for long-lasting performance in any ambulance application. The wide field-of-views displayed on any of our sharp hi-res monitors, significantly improves pedestrian and community safety while navigating to and from an emergency. With Safety Vision's fleet of HD mobile video recorders, you receive the ultimate in budget flexibility with the system reliability you deserve. Recorded footage will protect you against any false claims, increasing your ROI every year and ultimately saving you money.

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Key Features and Benefits


    Greater exposure to strategically determine the severity of the scene


    Create indisputable evidence in cases of accident and injury investigations


    Stream live video from any ambulance, anywhere


    Extensive viewing for rapid coordination of emergency activities


    Replay footage to demonstrate the skills required in an emergency situation

Our thermal cameras help your drivers avoid hazards by seeing in the dark.

Emergency Vehicle Video Surveillance

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Solution

Create the ideal video recording solution equipped to meet any EMS Department’s demanding needs, and ensure compliance with unique state patient privacy laws. Patient Cameo, a unique Safety Vision feature, activates recording from the camera located in the patient compartment only while the patient module receives power, conserving storage space and managing video records easily and efficiently.

Recommended Cameras

  • 41AHD

    Interior AHD Camera
    Audio Supported
    6 Infrared Illuminators
    720p HD Resolution

  • 630A

    Exterior Analog Camera
    Audio Supported
    9 Infrared Illuminators
    150° Field of View


    Exterior Analog Camera
    Audio Supported
    6 Infrared Illuminators
    150° Field of View

  • 620A

    Exterior Analog Camera
    Audio Supported
    11 Infrared Illuminators
    130° Field of View

  • TotalView

    Bird’s Eye View Camera System
    IP67 Rated Housing
    800 x 480 Resolution
    195° Field of View

Recommended Monitors

  • 711

    7-Inch Monitor
    2 Cameras Supported
    Integrated Control Box
    800x480 Resolution

  • 70WQ4

    7-Inch Monitor
    4 Cameras Supported
    Split Screen (1/2/3/4/PiP)
    800x480 Resolution

  • CP4

    7-Inch Monitor
    9 Cameras Supported
    Observer DVR/HVR Control
    800x480 Resolution

Recommended Recorders

  • Observer™ 4000 HVR

    Hybrid Video Recorder
    5 Cameras Supported
    512 GB Max Storage
    1080p Max Resolution

  • Observer™ 4112 HVR

    Hybrid Video Recorder
    12 Cameras Supported
    2 TB HDD / 2 TB SSD
    1080p Max Resolution

Recommended Software

  • Foresight PRO

    Video Mgmt. & Fleet Tracking
    For Observer DVR/HVR Series
    Live Look-In Video Streaming
    Wireless Video Downloading

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