Safety Vision's Open Platform System

With technology rapidly advancing each year, the transportation industry has opportunities to benefit in new and efficient ways never seen before. As industry leaders, we believe it is our responsibility to not only provide quality products but also to educate our customers about future technologies that could enhance our communities nationwide. We believe the future of mobile surveillance depends on an open architecture system, which allows far greater options and results than proprietary systems used currently. That is why we have partnered with Genetec, the #1 open architecture VMS provider in the world and an innovative technology company that encompasses security, intelligence, and operations.

What is it?

With Safety Vision's newly developed open platform hardware and software, mobile industries have the freedom to add new technologies as they are developed. Unlike proprietary systems, an open architecture platform allows the opportunity to create a system specifically tailored to an industry's needs. This sophisticated system can be customized and scaled to any level through the open source code and third-party integrations. This allows you to continually update and improve your security system, creating more possibilities and ensuring that your investment is future-proof.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Access control
  • People counting
  • Unidentified object detection
  • Quick search
  • Gunshot detection
  • Privacy protection with auto-redaction

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