Pupil Transportation Solutions

Mobile Video Technology for school bus safety and student protection.

Safety Vision's suite of mobile video recorders offer tough and lasting performance in any school bus environment. Equipped with AHD technology for high definition picture quality, our solutions deliver greater resolution at a lower cost. Sophisticated and feature-rich software supplies you with all the necessary playback and investigating tools you need, right at your fingertips. With mobile video surveillance from Safety Vision, you receive the ultimate in budget flexibility with the system reliability you deserve.

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Key Features and Benefits


    Monitor on-board student activity to help promote and maintain a safer environment


    Track when and where each student boards and exits their bus


    Create indisputable evidence and quickly dismiss false claims


    Hands-free video downloading, all from the comfort of your desk


    Stream live video from any bus, anywhere

School Bus Cameras


School Bus Solution

Safety Vision provides pupil transportation solutions that can be customized to fit any school bus surveillance needs. From systems that support up to five cameras, systems that can expand up to twelve, to systems that supply 360 degree cameras - Safety Vision has it all. Equipped with WiFi-ready technology, complete your fleet with wireless networking for hands-free video downloading and system email health reports, all from the comfort of your desk.

Recommended Recorders

  • Observer™ 4000 HVR

    Hybrid Video Recorder
    5 Cameras Supported
    512 GB Max Storage
    1080p Max Resolution

  • Observer™ 4112 HVR

    Hybrid Video Recorder
    12 Cameras Supported
    2 TB HDD / 2 TB SSD
    1080p Max Resolution

  • RoadRecorder® 7006

    Network Video Recorder
    10 Cameras Supported
    2 TB Max Storage
    1080p Max Resolution

Recommended Cameras

  • AHD Wide View

    Anti-vibration design
    Integrated microphone
    True Wide Dynamic Range
    1920x1080 Resolution

  • Safety Vision 360

    2K Resolution
    Fisheye IP Camera Lens
    4 Infrared Illuminators
    360° Field of View

  • 41AHD

    Interior AHD Camera
    Audio Supported
    6 Infrared Illuminators
    720p HD Resolution

  • 690H

    Exterior Analog Camera
    Audio Supported
    IP69K (Dust/Water Tight)
    150° Field of View


    Exterior Analog Camera
    Audio Supported
    6 Infrared Illuminators
    150° Field of View

Recommended Software

  • Foresight PRO

    Video Mgmt. & Fleet Tracking
    For Observer DVR/HVR Series
    Live Look-In Video Streaming
    Wireless Video Downloading

  • SafetyView Pro

    Video Playback Software
    Intuitive Calendar Search
    Vehicle Mapping Data
    Customizable Display Area

Recommended Accessories

  • CP4™

    7-Inch Monitor
    9 Cameras Supported
    Observer DVR/HVR Control
    800x480 Resolution

  • Panic Button

    Mark critical events
    LED System status display
    Convenient driver access
    Recording status display

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply

    For Use With
    Observer 4000/4100/4112
    Protects Against Power Loss
    Steady and Clean Current

  • Awareness Monitors

    10.4 or 15-Inch Monitor
    1 Camera Supported
    800x600 Resolution (10.4")
    1024x768 Resolution (15")

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